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FIRMAN SDG100DCS+ATS diesel generator
  • FIRMAN SDG100DCS+ATS diesel generator

FIRMAN SDG100DCS+ATS diesel generator

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1. The mass of the generator is an approximate indicator
2. Rated operating conditions of the unit - according to the ISO3046 standards and
ISO8528. Height above sea level - 1 000 m, ambient temperature - 40 ° C,
relative humidity - 30%.
3. Possible electrotension: 440/254B, 415/240B, 400/230B, 380/220B, 220/127B, 200/115B
(also high and medium voltage 10 500B, 6 600B, 6 300B is possible).
4. The used power: temporary restrictions for operation within a year
no. 10% an overload within 1 hour in each 12 hours of operation are allowed.
5. Standby power: it is intended for ensuring smooth operation of the generator
at shutdown of giving of a power supply from the main network. Overloads are not allowed.
6. Technical datas correspond to the data obtained at factory tests.
The producer reserves the right to change characteristics without additional
Technical datas:

Output power, kW (rated) 80
Output power, kW (maximum) 100
Way of connection: three-phase four-cable
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage setting range: ≥ ± 5%
Modulation of tension: 0,3%
Deviation of the established tension: ≤ ± 1%
Deviation of the unsteady tension: +20% ~-15%
Voltage recovery time: ≤ 4 sec.
Suppression of radio frequencies corresponds to discharge To VDE0875-N and also provisions of the GB2820, YD/T502 standards.
Rated electrotension: 400/230 B
Rated capacity factor: 0,8 (delay)
Amplitude distortion: ≤ 5%
Range of frequencies of the set mode: ≤ 0,5%
Decrease in frequency: ≤ 3%
Deviation of frequencies of the unsteady mode: +10% ~-7%
Time of recovery of frequency: ≤ 3 sec.
Dimensions, mm 2920*1140*1600
Weight, kg 1480
Information is up-to-date: 13.03.2019
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